Labs at Lambda School is a program to work with external stakeholders to set their vision of a product to life. We collaborate with a cross-functional team of about 10 developers to create this product in the span of 8 weeks (Lambda recently changed it to 4 weeks). I had the opportunity and the privilege to be one of the last students to be in Labs for 8 weeks. Below is my experience with our project for Release 2 or Citrics: A City Metrics app.

Want to see what our first four weeks looked like? …

Follow along with us on our journey! → GitHub Repo | Deployed App

About a month ago, a client came to our team with a vision to have a city metrics app for users looking for new homes. Our client is a nomad himself and has lived in about a dozen cities in the last four years. Researching where to live can be a hassle! You need to look at the city’s population, rental prices, and if that city will occupy your needs (I myself can NOT survive in humid climates). Many tabs are going to be open to housing…

Rachele Edwards

Full Stack Web Developer excited and engaged to learn!

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